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New World Hope Organization Photos

■ Emergency Assistance to Flood Affected Families in Nowshera-Pakistan - 2010
 New World Hope Organization Flood Relief Operation 2010
 New World Hope’s Emergency Health Project 2010
 Distribution of women shawls to flood affected families in KPK (Charsadda)-Pakistan
 Hygiene Kits distribution to 500 flood affected families in Flood Affected District Charsadda-Pakistan
Distribution of Meal ready to eat (MRE) packets to flood affected family in Nowshera and Charsadda
■ NWHO distributed medicines among refugees in Afghan Camp Akora Khattak Camp
School Earthquake Safety and Preparedness Training Program 2009
■ Tree Planting campaign 2007
UN seal the deal campaign 2009
Training Workshop on Climate Change and Disaster Risk Reduction 2009
Talent Awards Ceremony and NWHO announced to give the books and fee to assist needy students
■ Educational Projects
 Training Workshop Human Rights Based Approaches to Development
 Water Provision Program In Afghan Refugees Camp (2006 - 2008)
 Food Distribution in Afghan Refugees Camp Akora Khattak- 2008
■ New World Hope Free Medical Dispensary in Village Tangawali, july 2006
■ NWHO distributed Child blankets & winter Jackets among refugees. December, 2007
 NWHO distributed food items and relief goods in Akora refugees camp 2007
 Medical Camps
■ Million Tree Campaign in Pakistan ( 2008)
■ Environment Awareness Walk
■ Pollution Prevention and Solid Waste Management
■ Moon Soon Tree Plantation 2006
NWHO's immediate reponse to Pakistan Earthquake (8 October 2005)
■ Blood Camps , 2005
■ Human Rights Awareness And Legal Aid Programs
■ Relief for Victims of Flood in Pakistan
■ Women's Rights
■ Country Projects

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